U.S. Army

Dr. Patterson entered the U.S. Army after high school. He enlisted in the Tank Corps and was assigned to a Border Cavalry Unit in West Germany. In just over two years he ascended through the ranks to Sergeant, as he served on both Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers. At the age of twenty he lead armed foot patrols along the Soviet occupied German Border. He completed seven border tours during his time in Germany. While in Germany, he represented his squadron in the prestigious Boeselager Cup Competition; an international event for military units in the armored cavalry and mechanized infantry fields, sponsored by the West German Army. His 6-man team was the all (Western) Europe Mounted Recon Champions. He also entered the boxing ring as a lightweight fighter. 


He served in the following positions:

A. Active Duty Army:

- Tank Crew Member

- Tank Commander

- Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) Commander

- Border Operations Patrol Leader

B. Army National Guard (Ohio and Georgia):

- Platoon Leader

- Area Damage Control Officer

- Executive Officer

- Detachment Company Commander   

In his period of transition from active duty Army to the Army National Guard and studies at the Ohio State University, he worked for North American Rockwell on the B-1 Bomber program.

Rank and Service

He was a Sergeant and a Commissioned Officer and received his engineering diploma from the Army School of Engineering. He completed his time in the Military as a First Lieutenant, with 12-years of honorable service between full time active duty and the Ohio and Georgia National Guard. 


Duty, Honor, Country