Dr. Patterson's Background

Dr. Patterson attended The Ohio State University where he received his first civilian degree: Biomedical Communications. His educational journey continued through the years with a degree in Nursing and advanced diplomas in the area of Mental Health and Counseling Studies. He effectively uses his 5 college degrees to remain on the cutting edge in the treatment of the significant issues that people face. 

He holds dual licenses in the State of Ohio: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (supervisor), Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (Clinical Supervisor), with advance training in the care of trauma victims: Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). Additionally, he has received advanced training in the unique needs of Law Enforcement Officers and other First Responders. He is also a Therapeutic Assault Prevention Systems Trainer (TAPS). 

Teaching Experience

He has taught at The Ohio State University, and the University of Dayton Graduate School, and currently teaches at Columbus State Community College.   

Previous Endeavors

He is the former owner of Adventure Therapy, as well as the former owner of Diverse Adventures: whitewater rafting, rock-climbing, and hiking treks.  

Years of Service

Dr. Patterson has served in the human services, mental health, and addiction treatment fields for over 28  years, with extensive experience and training in the treatment of marital crisis and dysfunction, adult and adolescent addictions, parenting adult children and difficult youth, and the treatment of mental, emotional, and spiritual ailment.

37 East Wilson Bridge Rd. Worthington, OH 43085. 614-832-3355 *